Our intent on this website is to hopefully better gain your confidence on our abilities as a reputable and knowleadgeable repair facility by educating you the customer what goes on in the repairs that often time you do not see after the repairs have been completed, we hope to do this by pictures show and tell method to help you see the investment we have made in our equipment to perform these repairs and explain the reasoning behind doing them

Installing valve Guides
Installing Valve Seats
Spring Seat Machining
Valve Guide Seal Machining
Head Disassembly
Head Reassembly
Head Straightening
Heli Arc Repairs
Crack repair Pin Method
Head CC Measurements
Thread Repairs
Rocker Stud Repairs
Valve Guide Honing
Valve Spring Testing
Installing Larger Valves
Spark Plug Thread Repair
Resurfacing Heads
Completed Cylinder Heads
Pressure testing